Pracaxi Oil: Cosmetics With Exotic Oils Round-Up

When it comes to exotic oils for hair care, there is no way you can skip the pracaxi oil. It has incredible properties in spite of being quite rarely used in cosmetics. Learn more on pracaxi oil below.

Where does it come from? Natural pracaxi oil comes from Amazonian rain forests. It is obtained in the process of cold pressing seeds and pulp of Pentaclethra macroloba. It contains about 19% behenic acid, 50% oleic acid (omega-9) and a smaller amount of EFA – it is one of the best fatty acid concentrations you can find in natural oil.

Pracaxi oil – how does it work?

It is perfect hair oil to condition, strengthen and heal. You cannot deny its unusual properties also when it comes to skincare. It’s versatile ingredients so that it can be used many different ways.

Pracaxi oil on skin:

  • calms irritations and heals acne,
  • anti-fungal and antibacterial,
  • stimulates cell renewal.

Pracaxi oil on hair:

  • nourishes and strengthens hair bulbs,
  • protects hair and makes it resistant to unfavorable factors,
  • preserves the proper level of hydration,
  • provides hair with softness and gloss,
  • may cause lightening of hair color.

Exotic cosmetics in cosmetology

Not only pracaxi oil is so frequently used by manufacturers in their cosmetics. Therefore, you should look for hair care cosmetics that contain more than pracaxi oil (there is very little of them), but also other oils – for example, cupuacu butter, kukui oil, monoi oil, argan oil, bhringraj oil or amla oil. Those are not even all the options you have.


In spite of the fact that not all of those cosmetics contain pracaxi oil, you should take a look. You will find some fascinating propositions based on equally impressive ingredients and properties. Which one of those cosmetics would you want to have?

Nanoil for low porosity hair

Oil for low porosity hair - Nanoil

Action. Stylish bottle made of black glass holds oil created for low porosity hair, devoid of volume and difficult to style. Nanoil facilitates styling and speeds up drying time. Protects against heat and other unfavorable factors, raises hair at roots and provides it with vitality from the roots all the way down to the ends. Nanoil hair oil enhances hair growth and prevents water loss, takes care of proper scalp pH and can even limit greasy roots or eliminate dandruff. Nanoil for low porosity hair has universal action – on the surface and the inner hair and scalp structures.

Formula. Nanoil for low porosity hair is the richest oil in Nanoil hair oil line (two more versions are available). It contains nine perfectly selected natural oils with exceptional absorption: coconut, argan, castor, cupuacu, monoi, babassu, pine and passion fruit. All components are rich in EFA and were additionally enhanced with vitamins, panthenol, UV filter and vegetable extracts. Matching ingredients with hair porosity allows Nanoil hair oil be absorbed perfectly by the hair and scalp. This oil is lightweight and gentle while having a pleasing aroma.

Application. The greatest quality of Nanoil hair oil is that you can use it any way you want to – on dry or wet hair, before or after hair wash, as a replacement for a hair mask, as a conditioner, as a product for styling or as a light cosmetic for use during the day. Nanoil hair oil can be even used for overnight hair oiling. Just take a small amount of oil to cover hair on its length and massage it into the scalp. Nonetheless, when applying greater amount, it also absorbs entirely.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime for color treated hair

Kerastase Elixir
Action. The collection of luxurious hair oils Kerastase Elixir Ultime is suitable only for some hair types. When it comes to Oleo-Complexe Radiance Beautifying Oil, it is all about color treated hair, that is protected against unfavorable factors while providing lightness and gloss. It emphasizes the color and prevents its washing out, but also moisturizes.

Formula. The treatment is based on Oleo-Complexe technology, which is four oils. One of the oils is discussed here pracaxi oil, which action was supported by camellia oil, argan oil, and maize oil. Elixir Ultime for color treated hair also contains Chinese tea extract. Unfortunately, the composition is predominant with silicone.

Application. Depending on the method, Elixir Ultime Oleo-Complexe The Imperial can have more or less intense action. Oil can be applied before hair wash, before or after styling, but also during the day or as a leave-in conditioner. Just a few drops are enough because in the case of Kerastase oils you should never use too much.

Moroccanoil Treatment Original

Action. Famous hair oil for all hair types based on Moroccan hair oil. This product is believed to start argan oil trend. It provides hair with gloss, facilitates combing, speeds up drying time, smoothes and nourishes. Moroccanoil Treatment is a high shelve proposition that in fact is useful only as a styling cosmetic.

Formula. When buying the product in this price range you expect more from it. Meanwhile, Moroccanoil Treatment is typically silicone hair serum enriched with argan oil and linseed extract. The cosmetic has an average thickness and pleasing scent. However, it does not absorb as good as some oils, so you have to be careful with its amount.

Application. Moroccanoil Treatment works best with hair mask of the same brand. You can apply it on towel dry hair, wet or entirely dry strands. In the first case the action is more intense, but in the second hair is smooth and ends protected.

Sisley Extrait Phyto-Aromatique

Sisley aromatique

Action. It is one of more expensive hair serum on the market with a capacity of barely 30 ml. What is the high price for? For full hair and scalp care. Sisley Extract For Hair & Scalp is cosmetic against hair loss – strengthens, restores, protects and provides volume.

Formula. Sisley Extrait Phyto-Aromatique is a combination of vegetable extracts and essential oils. It contains nasturtium and stinging nettle extracts, but also thyme oil and sage oil. The composition is not entirely natural, but the formula is light-weight, and it absorbs fast. Thanks to the pipette applicator it is efficient.

Application. Extrait Phyto-Aromatique should be used as a daily treatment for at least ten days and then about 1-2 times a week to maintain the results. What else can be the problem? After you apply the serum on dry scalp and massage it into strands, you should wait at least 2 hours before possible hair wash.