All You Need To Know About Pracaxi Oil

Pracaxi oil is extracted from the fruits of evergreen African tree. It is produced through crushing or cooking and then cold pressing of seeds. They are also used to produce flour and bread. On the other hand, the oil is used in cosmetology as an ingredient of conditioning products designed for hair and body.

All women who take care of good looks know that pracaxi oil offers very precious properties. What is the product famous for? It strongly moisturizes and rebuilds damaged epidermis. Besides, it helps to heal minor wounds and skin inflammation. It helps to fight acne - has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It can be used in skin care of dry skin with stretch marks, scars and discolouration. Pracaxi oil is equally effective in hair and scalp care. It alleviates irritation, regenerates epidermis and strengthens hair follicles. It also makes hair less prone to falling out, chemical and mechanical damage. What's more, the oil deeply nourishes hair bulbs, which makes hair grow healthy and strong. It rebuilds split ends, moisturizes dry hair and soothes the scalp. Also, it helps to fight dandruff and oily scalp, regulates functioning of sebaceous glands and reduces sebum production. It noticeably improves the condition of hair and scalp.

Pracaxi Oil: Antidote for Dry Hair

Properties of pracaxi oil are well-known to all women who care about their hair. What’s so special about the product? Surely, it’s the ingredients. They are predominantly responsible for …

How is pracaxi oil applied?

The cosmetic can be applied to wet hair. It's enough to rub a few drops of oil in the entire length of hair; more oil can be applied to hair ends. You can put on a shower cap or towel for better absorption of nutritional ingredients. In this way heat will be produced thanks to which pores of the skin will open and active substances will have direct access to hair follicles. After 30-60 minutes, wash hair with a delicate shampoo. Pracaxi oil can be applied to dry hair as a non-rinse conditioner. The cosmetic is rubbed into the entire length of hair and the scalp. The massage will enhance blood supply and speed up the action of the oil. Let the applied oil dry off.

While buying pracaxi oil remember about a few basic rules.

Natural is the one cold-pressed without high temperature or chemical substances. It should be stored in a dark glass bottle, in a shadowy and dry place. It cannot be exposed to the action of micro-organisms and bacteria therefore we must wash our hands before every application and tightly close the bottle after each use. Check if pracaxi oil has been tested on animals (very important piece of information to vegans and vegetarians) or if it contains any artificial ingredients.